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TLC's Facebook Page

December 29, 2023

TLC has a Facebook page, “TLC Services in The Villages, Florida,” providing daily posts of quotations, memes, and information about upcoming events. Over the past year, our visibility has increased, and there are currently over 100 followers, many of whom repost items on their personal or group pages, reaching approximately 600 people daily. It is a pleasure to read comments on how these posts touch people in a very personal way. We invite you to follow us and help spread positive aging messages, advice on making the most of your life, and occasional touches of humor.

TLC at the Expos

November 14, 2023

TLC participated in several Expos in 2023. In February and again in October, we participated in the Giving Clubs Showcase, where over 50 charitable clubs displayed information about their organizations and what they offer to the community. In November, we were part of the first annual Villages Homeowners Advocates’ Health and Wellness Expo. The theme was healthy aging. We had a mirror for attendees to look into and “meet the person responsible for their… happiness, behaviors, choices, etc.” It was an effective way to help them consider the importance of their perspectives and attitudes in leading a healthy, balanced life. Tending the table in this photo are Marie L., MSW, board member and leader of our Expo participation, and Judy Maloney, LMHC, and support group facilitator.

NASW Florida Conference

June 15, 2023

On June 15, 2023, TLC gave a presentation at the National Association of Social Workers Florida Conference. Pat Hayes, LCSW, Bonnie Hovel, LCSW, and Dr. James A. Deutch, LCSW, spoke on the topic “Filling the Gap in Mental Health Services: A Replicable Model.” In this presentation, TLC shared its origins, success in helping clients and the rewards gained by retired mental health professionals as they volunteer their services to the community. Networking with professionals from all over the State of Florida gave us additional opportunities to connect with others who might wish to replicate our model. We enjoyed meeting colleagues from other areas and getting to know the leadership and administrative team of NASW-FL.